Feral Hog Update

April 2, 2020
Kingwood Greens Village – Feral Hog Update

The contract continues and to date a total of 36 have been captured.

Thank you.

Dear Kingwood Greens Residents:

The feral hogs have been very active these past weeks.  Your Board of Directors met with a hog trapper this morning and preliminarly contracted with Deep South Trapping (www.deepsouthtrapping.com) also found on Facebook at deepsouthtrapping.net.

Deep South Trapping uses M.I.N.E. (Manually Initiated Nuisance Elimination) traps to remove hogs from our subdivision.  These corral-shaped traps are capable of catching a large number of hogs at one time.

A game camera is installed that sends pictures of the hogs coming into the trap.  When the entire group is in the trap, the trapper can text the camera so that the drop gate is activated and closes.  The trap is constructed in a way so that it will not harm or trap animals like cattle or deer.  The trapper then loads and transports the hogs to a game reserve or a meat processor.

Please know that your Board of Directors has taken this step because we feel that the hog damage was getting worse, even though those neighbors affected had been trying different measures to keep the hogs away from their property.

The placement of the corral is going to be on the south side of Kingwood Greens Drive, adjacent to #7 on the Forest Course, back in the woods a little, in order to be away from the traffic on Kingwood Greens Drive.  The trapper determined this to be the best location.

The trapper, Steve, Horelco, told the board that after the placement of the corral, (which should be up and operational in one week), it could take up to three weeks for the hogs to get desensitized to the corral and begin feeding on the bait inside the corral.  So this is a process.  Please be patient.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email both Thomasene.Smith@fsresidential.com AND me, DianneLansden@gmail.com in the same email.

Also….PLEASE SEND US YOUR VIABLE EMAIL ADDRESS if we do not have it, and pass this along to your Kingwood Greens Neighbors who may not be getting EBLAST emails from First Service Residential.


Dianne Lansden
Kingwood Greens Village Community Association

New Trash Service

September 5, 2019

Kingwood Greens Village Homeowners,

The Kingwood Greens Village Board of Directors wants to inform you of the new trash company (Frontier Waste Solutions) that has been contracted to provide waste and recycle service to Kingwood Greens Village community beginning Tuesday, October 1st.   The service will be curbside service only.  Waste Management is no longer offering the level of residential service that best fits our community’s needs.  The existing contract with Waste Management will terminate on September 30, 2019.

The Board negotiated with Frontier Waste Solutions a monthly service fee of $18 resulting in a quarterly fee of $54.  Homeowners will be invoiced individually by Frontier Waste Solutions.

Trash days are Tuesday and Friday.  Trash should be placed at the curb by 7am on each service day.  Each homeowner will supply its own waste container.

Heavy trash day is Friday (the second collection day of every week)

Recycle day is Wednesday.  Frontier will provide the 18 gallon plastic bin.

Additional information will be mailed out to everyone soon from Frontier Waste Solutions.

Kingwood Greens Village Community Association
Board of Directors